My Beautiful Mother!

My Beautiful Mother!
My Beautiful 82 yr old Mother @ 50th Wedding Anniversary Party wearing dress I designed and painted♥

Thursday, June 2, 2011

When a Hummingbird isn't a Hummingbird!

I have to share this recent painting experience.  About two months ago, my sister needed to cover a large area of her mobile home's wall.  It had been wall papered and now from rocking a glider back and forth and hitting against the wall, it had removed some of the wallpaper.  So, not having much money, she went looking for something to cover it since she was having special guests visiting in a week.  Well, she found a large ornate mirror that had belonged to an old dresser at Goodwills and asked me if I could paint something on it.  It was very time consuming and I finished around 12:00 p.m. the night before her guests were to arrive in the morning.  As soon as I finished, I woke my husband up to deliver and help hang it for her since it was so heavy.  It looked beautiful I must say.  So, I left feeling pretty smug about what I had accomplished.

The reason for the feeling of smug satisfaction was because it was a very difficult job since it was about 5 ft wide and about 5 ft tall and I had to paint stooped over, as it stood on the floor, also, my free-hand design was painted at the top coming down the sides.  As a painter, it is always easier to be able to turn the object you're painting, to get the slant of your hand and brush in a comfortable position.  But in this case, I felt like I was painting upside down at times, since it couldn't be moved.  And, I was working on a crunch-time deadline.

I had brushed mixed all kinds of complimenting colors for the fuchsias and ribbons.  Then, I decided to add a hummingbird but I wanted to kind of make a real looking one since they had so many around their house and loved them, which I did also.  I finally found a picture of one that I liked in a real old bird book I had just purchased from another Etsy seller.  But, it had wings pointing upward on the same side, like you were viewing it from the side as it flew.  So I decided to turn the hummingbird around so you could see under his tummy and his wings were out to each side.  A full under-belly look made him appear to have a chubby looking stomach and short tail.  He was sooooo cute and a hit with everyone in the house, including my sister and nephew......except one, who became my harshest critic!

So, thinking I had done a great job, I could hardly wait for the next day, to check and see how everything went with her guests and of course, did they say anything about my painting.  Then, she told me this story of what happened after I finished hanging the mirror and went home.

My sister has been the guardian of a mentally challenged granddaughter for 12 yrs.  No need to go into why.  Suffice is it to say, she has sacrificed much in raising this sweet, funny and brutally honest child that she loves dearly.  I say child because even though she is now 14 years old, she has the mental capacity of a 3 1/2 to 4 year old.  So Ari(her nickname) keeps looking at the hummingbird curiously then tells her grandma "mammaw, that hummingbird is fat"!  Next, she proceeds to take my sister's hand and lead her out on the porch where she points to her plastic decorative hummingbird with a metal stick which can be poked into gardens or flower pots.  Plus, her hummingbird has both wings going upward in the same direction, creating a sideways look and thinner stomach.  Then, she says..... "now that's a hummingbird... not Auntie's!  See his wings are up"  My sister then tells her "well, Ari, Auntie's hummingbird is a hummingbird too..... it's a chubby baby hummingbird!  Ari, who loves baby anything, then said "oh, how cute, it's chubby just like Auntie!"

P.S. for my viewers,  here are the pictures that was mentioned in The Artist of the Week Blog featuring me and my shop.  They are not as clear as I would like and I will be replacing them next week with hopefully clearer ones.  My sister took these with a flash and facing the light.  So, I am hoping my camera will take better pics........Lona