My Beautiful Mother!

My Beautiful Mother!
My Beautiful 82 yr old Mother @ 50th Wedding Anniversary Party wearing dress I designed and painted♥

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Wish...More Time and Balance!

I can remember when I was young I felt like I had all the time in the world.   But, what is difficult to learn is how to balance that time.  If goals are not set when you are young, they don't get any easier as we grow older.  Without time constraints or limits, we may never really learn the value of time.  As parents we try to instill this appreciation and we strive to give our children balance, i.e. curfews, chores, homework and family time.  Does it work?  Sometimes but often not!  Raised during my teen years mainly by my mother, she tried.  She was firm and a disciplinarian as many parents were at that time.  But we balked at the constraints.

Now, that I can look back and realize what she was trying to do, I wish I could turn back the clock.  I wish I had the time... especially since my mom and stepfather is 84 yrs old and in bad health.  Where does the time go?  Mom, I'm listening now!  Tell me again what time I have to be home, don't be in a car alone with a boyfriend, watch what I drink at parties because they can slip something in it, don't ride with strangers.  Sound familiar?

As I struggle with trying to balance my family responsibilities, painting and promoting my hand-painted products at my Etsy shop, teaching the Bible to female inmates who hopefully can put some balance back in their lives, I value time and balance even more as each day passes.

Moral of the story......utilize the time you have wisely because too soon it's gone.  And set attainable goals to give you balance so that you don't end up like me, always fighting perfectionism and struggling for balance.

My Wish......My Mom who has recently had two severe strokes which blew out her peripheral vision, balance and gait, and my Stepfather who had two failed hip replacements and a six-way heart bypass....Had more TIME! 


  1. this is great Lona. you are doing a wonderful job creating a blog. Keep up the good work. I love the picture of your mom. Give Her a hug for me.

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging. I personally love it! Just write from your heart and you can't go wrong. Thanks for sharing the story about your mom. It's always nice to see the personal side of the people behind the words.

    I got a chance to check out your etsy shop and how beautiful your work is! I just started painting on glass recently (as a hobby) and I find it fun and relaxing. I've only done a few pieces but look forward to doing more.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work and your posts!

  3. Thank you Sher, I appreciate your thoughts. My mother is my best friend and means allot to me.

    I wish you success with your glass painting and thank you so much for your compliments!


  4. Boy, I think we fell out of the same cookie cutter... Bless your day sweetheart