My Beautiful Mother!

My Beautiful Mother!
My Beautiful 82 yr old Mother @ 50th Wedding Anniversary Party wearing dress I designed and painted♥

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ari's View of Healthy Eating!

If you have read my post on When a Hummingbird ......then you know about my niece Ari.  Well, my days haven't been to good since my Mother broke both large bones in her wrist and some tiny ones above the line on your wrist.  To make matters worse the Emergency Doctor set it wrong and it is not only still displaced (their words) but the cast has the bone growing crooked and they can't do surgery because she is 84 yrs old and her bone has begun growing back.  Needless to say, she is in excruciating pain, screaming, crying even though she is on heavy medications such as Dilaudid (morphine), Naprosyn, and Vicodin.  So, I needed this story to put a little humor back in my life!

My sister who has taken care of Ari since she was two years old, has physical problems like fibromyalgia, etc., that interfere with her sleep, but she always manages to get up to feed Ari.  Ari, who like I previously explained in my other post, is mentally only 4 yrs old max even though she is actually 14(forgot, 15 now).  Well, this Summer morning, about a month ago, my sister had a particularly bad night and didn't hear Ari get up.  Now, Ari is a large girl and is hungry!  So, what does she do?  Well, my sister has allowed Ari in her presence to make some simple food dishes like cereal or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.   Ari likes to think she is a "big girl" and feels very good about herself when she makes her own food.  However, she makes such a mess that my sister would rather do it herself but for the sake of Ari's self esteem, she allows her to make her own sandwich or cereal at times under her watchful eye!  But, this morning was different.....why?  Because she had over-slept and Ari is not asking for food.  So she asks, "Ari, are you hungry?"  To which, Ari replied "no Mammaw, I already ate"!  Looking around at the clean kitchen area, my sister says, what did you eat Ari?  Very proudly she said, "Mammaw, I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with...... some GARLIC SALT...., then quickly added very proudly, "it taste good Mammaw!"  As a family we all love garlic and garlic salt and she has seen it used many times in cooking.  So Ari thought she was making a healthy sandwich!

Since my sister, as well as no one in our family, is willing to try Ari's recipe(LoL) we will just have to take her word for it!  But, if you want to eat a nutritional food but maybe don't like garlic or garlic salt....give Ari's recipe a try....if you're brave enough!

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  1. Still brings me fond memories and puts a smile on my face when I read this!